Our sustainability mission: Athletic Greens will strive to continuously improve our environmental sustainability through initiatives that aim to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE for the good of our planet and all people of the world.

A few of the initiatives we’ve already completed to improve our sustainability include:

  • We offset 100% of the carbon generated by our international freight shipments through Carbonfund.org

  • We have eliminated packing slips in all USA shipments to reduce paper consumption

  • All of our supply chain partners are cGMP certified 

  • We aim to follow sustainable business practices that don't harm the environment - we have no central office, use no paper, and are a majority ecommerce business

Some of our immediate goals to improve our sustainability practices include:

  • Creating a clear sustainability mission that we adhere to in all decision-making moments

  • Transitioning to compostable shipper pouches for our monthly subscription shipments

  • Ensuring all of our printouts and inserts are printed on recycled content paper or on FSC certified paper

  • Transitioning to a “ready to ship” box to reduce the shipping materials used for initial customer purchases

  • Reducing shipping distances whenever possible to reduce carbon emissions generated and resources used

  • Ensuring all of our products include a recycling logo with specific recycling instructions

  • Limiting single-use plastics in our shipments and products

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