AG1 wasn’t created on a whim. It started way back in 2008 when our founder, Chris, faced a health crisis. As an elite athlete, he followed a healthy lifestyle to the letter, but couldn’t shake off major health issues. This drove him to find a nutritional solution.

Along with a team of top researchers and health experts, he set out on his goal to create the highest efficacy and most nutritionally complete supplement on the planet.

After a successful product launch in 2010 and continued growth, Chris knew he’d developed a product that didn’t just address ailments - it helped all types of people lead healthier lives.

With 2 years of development and 10 years of constant improvements under our belt, we continue to research and evolve every aspect of our product with the help of doctors, dietitians, and naturopaths. We never stop learning, growing and researching. It’s our mission to continue adding value to our products, and improving the lives of our customers.

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