AG1 is made up of 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food sourced ingredients. You can view our full list of ingredients and nutrition facts here

Our ingredients are bioavailable, easily digested, and work together to maximize absorption. We maintain top quality sourcing standards and use ingredients from whole foods wherever possible. To ensure we’re always improving, our ingredients are regularly reviewed and updated by our board of nutrition experts.

Each of the 75 AG1 ingredients can provide support in a multitude of areas, but to summarize, our ingredients provide the benefits of 11 different supplements to support 5 core areas of health:

Nervous System And Immune System Support

Vitamins and minerals are essential for thousands of biochemical reactions and functions of the body. The perfect balance of vitamins and minerals is crucial for a well-functioning nervous system, and a fundamental building block of a strong immune system.

Digestion, Gut Health, and Liver Support

We’ve added naturally occurring enzymes that have been shown to bolster the digestive process and enhance nutrient absorption. Our liver supporting formula can help to process. High quality prebiotics and probiotics help promote a healthy gut and have been shown to provide effective immune system support.

Efficient Energy Production & Storage

The human body requires the right combination of essential minerals and fatty acids for the management of blood sugar levels already within normal range. A daily serving of our greens powder provides both.

Hormone, Neural & Adaptogen Support

Adaptogens are an amazing class of herbs that respond to influences like stress, and can aid in normalizing sleep patterns and lowering everyday physical and mental fatigue. Our neural support formula benefits cognition, memory, and the nervous system. These ingredients also work together to support healthy hormone production.

Antioxidants & Superfoods to Support Healthy Aging

Antioxidants are known to counteract the impact of free radicals, which are highly unstable molecules that can cause cell damage within your body.

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