Although uncommon, a small percentage of new AG1 users may experience temporary stomach upset, which resolves for most after a few days of consistent use.

Because AG1 was designed with a focus on gut health, some of AG1’s hero gut supporting ingredients, superfood complex and herbal extracts are new to most people and they may require an adjustment to these new nutrients. We recommend slowly titrating the AG1 dose until you reach a full scoop.

For example, we recommend beginning with one teaspoon of AG1 in cold water for four days. After these initial four days, increase to two teaspoons of AG1 for an additional four days. If tolerated, by day eight you may increase to a full scoop of AG1 in cold water. Additionally, taking AG1 with food may assist those experiencing any discomfort. Eventually, most individuals are able to take AG1 on an empty stomach.

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