For a small percentage of people, Athletic Greens can have a slight detoxification effect. This is especially true if you’ve also made changes in your diet along with starting Athletic Greens, such as eliminating certain foods.

The detox effect refers to the symptoms the body experiences when it expels toxins from the system. The detox effect is normal and the symptoms typically only last a few days and fade away with continued and consistent use of Athletic Greens.

In addition to the detox effect, some customers who have had minimal prior exposure to supplements (especially those containing ingredients such as spirulina and chlorella) may find that they experience some side effects during the first couple weeks of use.

Lowering your dosage and slowly working up to the full serving may help to prevent or alleviate these symptoms. Start with a dose of 1 teaspoon each day. Every 3 days, add 1 teaspoon to this dose so that by day 9 you are taking 3 teaspoons. On day 12, move to one scoop.

It may also be helpful to start out by taking Athletic Greens with food to allow your body time to adjust. After a week or two, you can try taking them on an empty stomach again and see how you feel.

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