Californian law requires us to put the Prop 65 notice on our product if we have any ingredient that tests over 1/1000th of what the World Health Organization terms as “Safe Harbor Levels” of a list of substances, including naturally occurring minerals.

A few of our ingredients, such as spirulina, are very nutrient dense and contain minute traces of lead which occurs naturally in the soil they are grown on.

We test every single batch of Athletic Greens for lead and other minerals and are well within the safe limits established by the FDA. We test consistently at around 2.6mcg/kg, which is 5/1000th of the WHO’s “Safe Harbor” amount. But since it is over the 1/1000th requirement of Prop 65, we have to put the warning on shipments to CA customers.

To help put this in perspective, a one cup serving of green beans contains ~28.75 mcg of lead, which is an exposure of ~10 times the amount of lead in a serving of Athletic Greens.

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