At Athletic Greens, we’ve made it our mission to help drive positive change in the overall health and happiness of those most in need. By partnering with organizations who share our values, we are able to feed 4 children in need for every order we receive. We currently support two incredible organizations who are making a major impact in the world every single day.

Mary’s Meals

No child should have to go hungry, and Mary’s Meals is on a mission to combine bringing an end to hunger with a chance at an education. Mary’s Meals provides a daily meal to children in need in a place of education. Chronically poor children are attracted to the classroom where they can gain a basic education that provides an escape route from poverty. Mary’s Meals feeds over one million children every day at schools in 15 different countries. Where these meals are provided, schools have seen rises in enrollment rates, attendance and academic performance.

Urban Light

Urban Light is dedicated to bringing about change through empowerment and health for young boys in need. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Urban Light Youth Center provides support, education, housing, health services and emergency care to boys who are victims of trafficking and exploitation.

In addition to supporting organizations on a large scale, our customer happiness team is always ready to offer individual support to those affected by world events and natural disasters. We make it a priority to actively reach out to our customers in areas of need, and we’re proud to have been able to help in some small way.

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